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The Buchanan’s


Scott Buchanan, his wife Ruth, and their three children, Isabelle (5 years), Isaiah (4 years), and Eila (9 months) serve in the Philippines.

Underpinning their work are two key values. Firstly, while poverty, injustice and abuse are heart breaking issues that are faced within these communities, they are a symptom of a greater spiritual disease of which the Gospel is the only one true cure. Secondly, the local Church, God’s collective chosen people, is God’s primary mission strategy to a lost world. Guided by these two values, the Buchanan’s calling is to serve these people’s through  the growth and revitalisation of existing indigenous churches-by way of evangelism, relation discipleship and theological equipping. They then seek to indirectly assist in the missional multiplication of these churches through the planting of new Gospel-centred churches amongst the poor, marginalised and unreached peoples.

As Christ’s ambassadors they seek to continue His ministry of reconciliation through obedience to the great commission, amongst the poor, marginalised and unreached people on the Island of Mindoro. The main people who they are working among is the Mangyan people group tribal mountain dwelling indigenous people of Mindoro.

Throughout each week, the Buchanan’s are delighted to serve by leading bible studies, serve in a new Indigenous church plant in Bulihan Mangyan community, disciple new believers and Scott trains a group of leaders and pastors in Foundational theology.

Ruth was our first worship leader at Sanctuary! She came and led our congregation multiple times in Valley Heights and in the first days in our living room. Scott and Ruth have both come and shared the preaching also for us on a number of occasions pre Covid days. It’s an honour to financially support them and they will be back to visit Sanctuary early 2025.

If you would like to be praying for Scott, Ruth, Isabelle, Isaiah, and Eila and stay updated, you can ask to join their ‘Partnering with the Buchanans’ Facebook page.