Please make yourself familiar with the new changes for our Sunday services at our new home: Wycliffe Christian School. If you have children please explain the changes to them also. Behind the scenes we have been diligently working to create a place of safety and practicality to thrive and grow as a church body.

So what looks different
in 2023?

  • Our new address is 133 Rickard Road which is Wycliffe Christian School.
  • We are going weekly to Sunday services starting at 9:45am. Each fortnight we will alternate between a preaching service and our new ‘at the table’ service.
  • Tea/coffee and biscuits will be available as you are welcomed into church before the service starts. As we simplify things and meeting every week now we won’t be having a big morning tea spread after the service each week.
  • Kids church program will be available every fortnight at the preaching services.
  • Our service ‘at the table’ we will encourage kids to join in on the rich discussions. Other children will have opportunity to have quiet creative time in the hall with 2 allocated kids supervisors who will help kids within this hall area for the service. Playground and oval will be utilised for our kids church program weeks only.
  • Clusters will be our set up/pack up teams again this year and will arrive at 8:30am each service.
  • Kids church weeks we will still offer morning tea for kids with snacks and fresh fruit + vegetables. Please pack snacks/drink bottles for your kids especially for our ‘at the table’ services.
  • We have a map of the school that shows Sanctuary areas we have access to and parking and entrance doors etc. Please refer to map below..
  • We are only using one way to enter the hall and the same way to exit. This is for the safety of everyone in the community and so no confusion happens when walking through schools grounds. It will be a ‘follow the flags’ type entry.

Preaching Service

First service: Jan 29th

  • A time of prayer, worship and communion
  • Kids Church Program
  • Preaching of the Word
  • Prayer ministry and worship

‘At the table’ Service

First service: Feb 5th

  • A time of prayer and worship
  • Kids inside hall – 2 adult supervisors
  • A facilitated area of focus in Gods word
  • Church Body discussion
  • Prayer and Impartation

What are some needs?

  • We are still in need of a tech team. If you have any interest please let us know. We have desire to develop our tech services but we cannot do this without the right people.
  • We will need parents to explain to their children the map and how church will work this year. We will release a video soon also to show them too.
  • We need grace and excitement as we host in a new space! It’s new and there are things we will work out along the way as we navigate what works and what doesn’t…. So enjoy this newness and we can’t wait to see God move powerfully in Sanctuary.
  • We encourage everyone this year to pastorally reach out and connect with others in the community.

Map – Sanctuary at Wycliffe

(Click to enlarge)

If you have questions about any of the following areas of Sanctuary and ministries please contact the following people:

Youth – Jase + Gem Goodhart
Kids Ministry – Dan + Monique Hurley
Make Massive/Creative – David Shooter
Young Adults – Andy Manuel + Tanya Allen
Dance – Christie Manuel
Worship – Cath Osborne
Spiritlands Mens – Adam Wilkes + Adam Osborne
Brave Hearts Womens – Cath Osborne, Esther Cowley, Janet Dawson & Brig Croft
Eldership – Michael + Esther Cowley, Janet Dawson & John Rees
Administration/Finance – Gem Goodhart
Pastoral Care – Janet Dawson
Prayer /Intercession – Heather Grima + Tanya Allan
Formation/Spiritual Direction – Michael + Esther Cowley
Equipping and Discipleship – James Kenny
Operations – Dave + Brig Croft
Gifting + Calling – John Rees
Chaplaincy – Janet Dawson + Jase Goodhart