What is Kingdom Family – 7th August 2019

Well Kingdom Family

We love the new language the Lord Jesus is releasing and re-establishing in our midst. Have you ever driven past a plot of land or a house and thought “wow I would love to live there” or been to a place where you know people are in full agreement? Imagine owning a house but not being able to furnish it or have anyone to share it with?

These spiritual metaphors are pictures that partly describe the longings of the human heart. The longing of being fully accepted, fully alive and fully aware of a life so much deeper than you have experienced before. That life is Christ Jesus.

We believe a better description (without getting into the Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew that we have studied on this) for a ‘church’ is a KINGDOM FAMILY! A place that is not just a house, but that has become a fully furnished home! Where control and false religion have died and true friendship has turned into fellowship, that has turned into a people with ‘one heart, one mind and one intention; that are living out a Psalm 27 v 4 life together, seeing Isaiah 35 on the earth’.

A Kingdom Family builds people up into maturity in Christ, recognising the diverse and unique destinies within people, shrouded in a union of LOVE.