The Kingdom Realm of Yahweh’s Land – Adam Osborne – 12th April, 2020

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Kingdom People.

As people of the kingdom you will walk this time and be like guides and living maps, teaching people from all walks of life and denominations about where Yahweh has always wanted them to be.

You will expose the man built deficits that have disabled the body of a Christ Jesus from walking in the fullness of what Yeshua the Christ fully purchased for them. You will be like true brokers and ambassadors of revelation and insight into Jesus the Christ, the Holy Spirit, real ministry and what the body of Christ is supposed to look like, move like, and be like.

The kingdom man and kingdom daughter will lead people deep into the unfolding and ever expanding territory of Yahweh’s land.

As an ambassador of the Kings intentions for hearts, homes, cities and regions, the kingdom son and the kingdom daughter will enact the divine blue print of heaven, reaching forward prophetically into what eyes has not seen, what ear has not yet heard and that which has not yet been experienced in the Lord and will bring those realities into the earth, helping people grasp how wide, how high, how deep and how expansive is the the kingdom realm of Yahweh.

The kingdom son and the kingdom daughter will enable the body of Christ to be rid of its disfunction and ineffectiveness by ushering in a divine flow of intimacy with Jesus, a divine slowing down that will not quicken up again once the earthly restrictions are lifted, but will establish a new pattern, a new age and a new rhythm so that on the other side of this, what the church looks like is a burning and shining body of diverse and dynamic people, groups, clans and communities scattered here and there across the earth, but now living in a perpetual state of renewal, never needing to return to the powerless state of the before places, but having inherited true faith to fully embrace the unknown, the unfamiliar and the uncharted that Yahweh has ready for a people who dare to believe His intentions and His heart is for His people.

His kingdom sons and kingdom daughters will govern the earth from true humility, true authority and true divine power.

The kingdom son and kingdom daughter will lead people to become marked by being hidden in a Christ alone, marked by the intentional removal of all plastic, mimicking and copy- cat mentalities and will be leading leaders and institutions to overthrow the things that worked before with minimal effect and will lead people to begin to embrace the new realities that have always been available in Christ Jesus but not entered into.

This has not been because self pride or arrogance but because there has not been anyone willing or bold enough to fully embrace the kingdom realm of Yahweh.

But these shallow seas that cause division, discord and dissension, have now been given up for the adventure of being called by Yahweh into the depths of His true Father embrace, a place of unknown pleasures and uninhabited treasures. By all means stay in the shallows and remain the same, but the earth and its people will be unaffected and unfulfilled by that form of dried up wineskin.

Embrace His feet, embrace His position as head, throw off everything that has led to ineffectiveness and pursue he kingdom, in an authentic, Christ spit blood drenched way.

Christ Jesus Himself is worthy more than ever for your to put down, throw down your weapons of powerless talking and debating, that tries to convince the world of its wrong. It’s time to take the hand of Yahweh, take hold of a kingdom son or a kingdom daughter and be led deep into Yahweh’s land, where mysteries abide and true nation changing, region changing, home changing and heart changing realities are not hoped for but are inherited in Christ Jesus and are released by kingdom sons and kingdom daughters.

This time, although not caused by Yahweh is being allowed by Yahweh so that His perfect plan and His perfect intentions can be established on the earth.

The call for people who are walking in the kingdom is keep going further, higher, wider, and deeper into the heart of God, living to move Him in all we do.

For the non kingdom person, people and places, the Lord pleads with you, don’t go back o business as usual, to how it was before, embrace the invitation for divine rest, recalibration and ultimately reorientation, embracing truly and authentically the kingdom of Almighty Yahweh, expecting the unusual, the unfamiliar and the uncharted and being led into these places by kingdom sons me kingdom daughters.

A revolution of mercy, a revolution of kindness, a reestablishment or wonder, awe and ultimately His life changing presence.

It’s time to look, see and embrace the realities that were purchased by Jesus, that are not found at the cross, but are found through the cross, the place of perpetual renewal.

Salvation are the shoes you put on
that enable you to walk to
the gate of revival that leads
you to the land of renewal
which enables you to release
the kingdom throughout
the cosmos

We are not trying to convert people, WE are discipling nations.

Continuing in Christ Jesus with you,

Adam Osborne