Simply Seated – Remaining in Renewal – Adam Osborne – Apostolic & Prophetic word for Sanctuary 2022 – released Dec 2021.

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Simply Seated – Remaining in Renewal.

Apostolic & Prophetic word for Sanctuary 2022 – released Dec 2021. By Adam Osborne

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To the saints of Sanctuary, And to the believers of Christ found in the regions, grace and peace be upon you in this hour in the name of the living Christ. May you invite Jesus to rid you of anything that hinders you and everything that competes with first-love. Be spurred on into everything Godly and good, remembering the believers less fortunate than you.

In the concluding months of 2021, there has been a fervent and clear call to become more seated than we ever have before, seated in Christ, moving for nothing unless it is the Father’s voice, the sound of the Son or the unction of the Holy Spirit. This stirring brings with it several prophetic guarantees [1] that if acted upon by the saint, will seepersonal transformation, ministry power and a steady flow of people being born again through sons and daughters who ‘remain-in-Him’ [2].

When inquiring of Yahweh for 2022, He spoke significantly to me about the necessity of learning, living and sharing the revelation truth [3] of 1 Thessalonians 4. Throughout 2021 we have sensed and seen prophetic expressions guide and lead us as a community and continue to believe in this as the ‘first fruits marker’ of living and becoming more of the bride [4] that Jesus is coming for.

If we choose by faith to remain [5] [6] seated, finding the quiet way, empowered through His ability to help us to mind-our-own-business (as in our business ought be the Father’s business), then we will find ourselves in a ruling like-state [7] that ensures we are perfectly demonstrating the Kingdom. True power is increasing in the sons and daughters who are truly born-again. They are being immersed into a transcendence of His light as they continually choose the narrow way, that is [8] illuminated with the ‘Light of Christ’.

The quieter [9] we become in Him, the louder our life and faith will speak where itis most needed to speak – in the land of renewal in Christ’s communities and in destitute yet saved people’s lives. The quieter we become internally, will result in our ability to perceive situations before us and ahead of us with His insight, His understanding and His revelation. The quieter we become, the less reactionary energy will be used on things that we are not called to change or required to change. The quieter our internal [10] garden becomes, the less the world’s weeds will be able to take root. And I see through this pursuit of holy inner-quiet-life that we will see the greater and most incredible exploits [11] of His rulership and kingship through us.

We will see in the first six months of 2022 many situations that will try and rage [12] against your resting place of being simply seated. These are divine opportunities to lean into and ask the Father to shape you in Him. The spirit of the air [13] wants to stir up a royal son and royal [14] daughter in dissent, confusion, anger and malice – allow these waves to come and yet remain asleep as Christ did, only waking to release that which He had already received and was stewarding – the ability to release tranquility – His peace. You are the light of the world and the darkness cannot comprehend it (can’t understand, perceive or articulate) [15]

The more we mind our own business, the more we will see increased effectiveness in the unique expressions that Christ has granted through grace. Walking in this to show our love for Him and the lost and troubled world who He really is. These ‘ministries’ are going to grow and expand in 2022 with monumental results – people born again, growing in maturity and discipled in love. [16] 2022 is a divine opportunity to quit ‘running hither out thither’, but staying at our true home – that is the secret place of the most high.

What the world would want you to be fixed on, meditate on, grow in and be immersed in is only to unseat you from your simple seat where every piece, component and part of life flows from. [17] Refuse the meddling in worldly affairs, refuse the recipe for disaster the world is hurtling towards you, refuse with zeal everything that makes the temple, the sanctum of the Spirit of God, grieve! [18]

This home should not be foreign, not the holiday destination so to speak, the place we go when everything goes well, this home is that which Jesus described in the [19] vine, the place of union relationship we were only ever created for. It is the ultimate destination we can live from, love from and invite others to personally experience. We have been told never to strive, but I break that falsity! Earnestly strive, sons and daughters! Strive to honour, even the enemies of the cross, honour the future sons and daughters that they are called to be! Strive to show the value of the affection you have been granted in Christ, personally devote yourself to going after honouring Christ. [20]

Your quiet life is not new, it may be increasing or realising in you, yet it has been there with you all along, rest sons and daughters from all labour that doesn’t keep you in rest
(reflect on that for a moment: what labour, what anxious thought are you wrestling with that need to be put down so Christ can lead you out into your overcoming and by God’s desire bring further glory to Christ Jesus?) that doesn’t keep you in joy, keep you in love, labour for the quiet-heartedness-life! [21] Labour for true-holy affection.

In this quietened down and rested place you will find the ‘theologia’, that is the direct pure knowledge of God … this quieting of the whole person will lead not to tardiness or laziness, no it will lead to quite the opposite, awakening to what is important, what is His mission for life. This will grant you in Christ deeper revelation of the cadence and pace in which He has orchestrated for you to live at [22] and from, the even ‘yoke paceposition’ [23] of the God-man Christ Jesus our Lord.

In this place of quiet-hearted-life, new and fresh experiences will present themselves in your life, personal, deeply personal times of nourishment and [24] refreshment from the Trinity. The more you allow Him to quiet you, you will find yourself more and more unmoved, falling silent, feeling fully satisfied in the affections of the Father. This will enable a gifting of the Spirit of God – the gift to hold-one’s-peace, [25] saying nothing, thinking nothing except the Father’s words and the Father’s thoughts.

Physically this will destroy the fruitlessness of anger, rage, confusion and anxiety, and will be alleviating ailments, and any sickness in the mind and body. This is the place of truly believing the words of Jesus when He proclaims that the accuser has nothing in Him, therefore nothing in you.

This year of inheriting and living in ‘steady divinely inspired inner calmness’ will release a mental condition and a manifestation of wholeheartedness that displays itself in an absence of fear, grief and an impartation of awe. We will grow in speechlessness, not having to say, but just emitting light, the light of the world. It doesn’t mean you don’t
speak, it simply means there is a holy reorder taking place where the [26] Spirit prompts us more and more in what to say, when to say it and how to communicate it. (This is not limited to words, but to expressions of the Spirit of Counsel)

This year of living in a deep understanding and revelation of holy quiet and being simply seated will produce an overflow of abundant kingdom fruit. This seat is not new, it is the place Jesus paid the highest price for. The place of authority, fullness. I see the body of Christ being so tranquil, that it no longer misuses or overuses words that would stir-up needless friction and destructive commotion. This holy tranquility will take a getting used to, it is the place of calm that Christ emitted, allowing Him to ‘slip’ through [27] riot-filled rage-crowds without being seen, heard, or followed. This is the embodiment of being ‘hidden-with-Christ-in-God’.

The year 2022 will grant each son and daughter divine grace and mercy to learn to live undisturbed and unaffected by the world, [28] enabled to keep your seat in any circumstance, any situation and from that seat literally be a sign and wonder of the love of Almighty-Yahweh-God. This steadfastness doesn’t come through effort or strain, but from allowing His Spirit to fully take over each and every part of you, that He bought at the highest price.

2022 will be graced with opportunities to reveal to us all the seats we sit on that are unstable so to speak, easily broken and not the right fit for each of us, God’s Holy Spirit will intricately minister to us in this, inviting us all to be only sitting in the kingdom seats He has made for us. We will continue to grow in the understanding of the solid foundations His seats have, the securely positioned ones, the ones that don’t fluctuate or move off course.

2022 will be marked by you ‘putting on’ your garment of quiet-heartedness and believing that lowering yourself in humility into the seat of promise [29] that He has given you, is and will be the greatest ‘position’ you can find or be given. In this posture of prominence, secure and safe, you can fully open your hands to Him, and in turn, to anything He calls you to open them unto.

We will be delivered from living from crescendo to crescendo, falsely believing something better is coming and is arriving, but fully embracing that the sons and daughters of God already have fullness and therefore don’t live with the ups and downs of a crescendo-worldly-life, but live moment to moment, being manifested to by Christ and manifesting Him authentically and wholeheartedly in all of life. The one-season-life: in His fullness.

2022 is a year of simply being seated, quiet-hearted and moved only by His voice. 2022 will be a divine invitation to live with the ‘food’ that the world knows nothing about, that which Christ ate at the well – the Kingdom. In Him forever and ever! blessed saints.

~ Amen
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