Safe Haven – ever increasing glory: Apostolic and Prophetic Word for 2023

Safe Haven Ever Increasing Glory 2023 Prophetic Word

Safe Haven – ever increasing glory:

Apostolic and Prophetic Word for 2023

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To the saints of Sanctuary,

And to the believers of Christ scattered throughout the regions, passion and power be upon you in this break of day moment in the name of Zion’s only true King! May you remain faithful, remain in Him, remain tender-hearted, even as a great falling away has begun. Be nourished in the splendour & majesty of the One who opens the ancient gates [1], the One who intently places you precisely where He needs you to be and the One who cherishes you more than life itself!

Safe haven is a son or daughter experiencing ever increasing glory, looking more and more like Jesus.

2022 called us to be simply seated in our beloved identity, helping us perceive the very heart of the Trinity [2]. In 2023 we will see through Christ Jesus the uncommon become common place yet never lose its value. The unusual will become usual yet without any loss of wonder or awe [3]. 2023 will be a further shift back to originality, the true intention of our inheritance in Christ Jesus; to be manifest sons and daughters on the earth [4].

2023 is a year of phenomenal exploits being brokered by the co-heirs with Christ [5] as we continue to be renewed into the mind of Christ [6] and the expectation of His greater works [7] flowing through each redeemed one! Walk through the gate of the finished work of Christ [8] inheriting the nature of fullness. 2023 will be a year of the ‘quiet-heart brigade’ that lives from His peace and releasing that peace as needed in the fractured and splintered world.

It is a year of the the removal of needing to become someone or something and be reminded of who you fully were: before the foundation of the world, your true Christ like self, the person They made you to be all along! 2023 will give the believer divine invitations to make holy adjustments [9,10] that will enable wells of purity, wholeness and holiness to transform minds, hearts [11] and souls into more Christlikeness.

Safe haven is firstly a place of inner tranquility, formed and purposed by the Trinity’s affection towards us [12]. Each believer is called to be a safe haven, to entreat to safe haven [13] and to flow from safe haven, to express the wondrous spectacle of Christ they are in this world [14]. Safe haven is a place of rescue and rejuvenation, nourishment and discipleship. We as a body are calling the wayward, the lost and the spiritual homeless ones home to Christ. I see Safe haven being the fullness of Christ where brothers and sisters in unity and close proximity to Jesus, are seeing a literal Gilead in their midst, that is: mountains of testimonies pointing others and the body to Christ as King and as Lord [15]

Glorious things have been spoken of the people born in Him, His bride. He greatly desires this dwelling place. May we as a Sanctuary people and worldwide body live, move, and have our being in this place in Him. That we like precious stones emit light to the world because of His greatness [16]. Because we have been called out of this world and we are to have discernment in cascading measures, we will need to not be alarmed anymore but to be on guard [17] protecting the innocent, providing refuge for the broken and being steadfast in times of trial and trepidation.

2023 will be time of great positioning, preparation and heart intention. Christ is calling for a holy, pure, spotless bride that is armed with peace, joy and righteousness in the Holy Spirit [18]. The positioning spoken of is not effort based or effort inclined, it is faith founded and faith inherited. The preparation is not because we are at the beginning, no, it is a constant love preparation, ensuring the wick is ready and the oil is full [19]. The heart intention is refined in the fire of His affections for us and our simple, sometimes weak response of ‘yes Lord’.

2023 will see a misunderstanding come against the kingdom kids, the ones living in Yahweh’s place of passion, the ones with wide-eyed-wonder for Jesus, the ones who experience a perpetual move of Holy Spirit. When these things rise and come against the body, be reminded to be of ‘good cheer’ for He has endured all and overcome everything.

When others may misidentify the fire of His presence, let your heart not be troubled [20] because we are those not afraid of the fire, for we know to let it run its course [21] to complete everything He has intended it to. This fire is safe, it is a safe haven for healing, deliverance and revelation to bring much needed maturity to the body of Christ. As with the fire, the river depths, the chartered and the uncharted waters of the Lord are equally a safe haven, where legalistic and anti-Christ so called life guards need be listened to no more or even entertained. You were made for deep waters, for refining fires for the ever-increasing-Glory of God.

“You are a safe haven” says the Lord of Hosts. My safe haven is a habitation of my glory here on earth [22]. You as an arm-linked brood are saving territory that has not been lost for I am the Great I am and I own all the land, no you are inhabiting territory of spiritual land that has been yours all along. The uncharted way and waters [23] are my path for you.

We will need to depend upon Christ to continue to reveal the way of unity, and the unity for the wider body to be willing to step into the unknown for the glory of God. There is land out there, unseen, never stepped foot on and waiting for us to claim. [24] This land is not physical, although we are a safe haven to inherit as He directs. The land spoken of is the places that all of our feet are treading, the places where we walk with our authority [25] and the places we shake the dust off from [26].

At each decision moment in 2023 there is a choice to go the path that is known and perhaps easier, that has been what we (the collective we) grew up with, traditional church culture, perhaps that our sinful or broken nature may default to, what we learnt from our leaders in the past, or what is the old ways.

Or intentionally choosing the path that the Lord has laid out before us: the new model, vision and culture of Sanctuary, the everyone operating in and out of their beloved identity, loved, encouraged and supported in the purposes Christ has for them, and the practical out workings, discipleship, training and releasing. [27]

Moment by moment is the pace we are learning to lean into. 2023 will see us continue our trek into more re-establishing and more furnishing of a Patristic (Father) nature in our culture and practice. Recognising the anti-Christ systems that are warring against this original intention will be key as we learn to live in a truly kingdom culture.

2023 will be a focused time of coming out of everything neither cold nor hot preparing hearts, lives, homes for depth and commitment of a people on fire for their God. Ready to burn for Him having prepared and burnt all on the altar and leaving behind all that was the former way to come into the new that God calls us to for this time. A separated-set-apart-people, seeking first their God, quick to hear, quick to obey, quick to act. Actively preparing for the King to dwell in our midst. [28]

Continuing crossroads will be presented before each of us as we navigate the changing and somewhat charging waters of the world and as we truly, wholeheartedly move from those systems of thinking and be reminded in the mind of Christ, [29] the cross roads that we will come to will not be bad, they will have different ways to go, yet His Spirit remains with us.

[30] During 2023 the blacksmith of the Apostolic & Prophetic leadership will sharpen and re-sharpen your tools for life in growing maturity. The alignment of the plans laid forth by the Trinity are being perfected in your midst, nothing is out of time, ahead or behind. A year of seeing Him as safe haven, a year of you being renewed to experience His safe haven and a year of being His safe haven as you live, move and have your being. I see the following encouragement form the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 2;

“Yet when I am among mature believers, I do speak with words of wisdom, but not the kind of wisdom that belongs to this world or to the rulers of this world, who are soon forgotten. No, the wisdom we speak of is the mystery of God—his plan that was previously hidden, even though he made it for our ultimate glory before the world began. But the rulers of this world have not understood it; if they had, they would not have crucified our glorious Lord. That is what the Scriptures mean when they say, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” But it was to us that God revealed these things by his Spirit. For his Spirit searches out everything and shows us God’s deep secrets. No one can know a person’s thoughts except that person’s own spirit, and no one can know God’s thoughts except God’s own Spirit. And we have received God’s Spirit (not the world’s spirit), so we can know the wonderful things God has freely given us.”

Love and peace overflowing in you, beloved Children of Yahweh,

~ Adam

1. Ancient Doors in reference to the doors of glory spoken of in Psalms 24 and see in the edification of the body of Christ through prophetic words from Michael and Esther Cowley and Cath Osborne.
2. In relation to 1 Corinthians 2 v 10-12. The Spirit of God is the One who can search the Heart (mind) of God and reveal these things to those who are ‘born of the Spirit’
3. In the understanding of 1 Corinthians 2 v 15-16 in the reality of the access that a born again believer has to and in the mind of Christ, the ‘nous’ the organ for receiving God’s thoughts through faith.
4. The notion of ‘manifest’ is from the Romans 8 v 26-27 in the reality that the Spirit of Christ in the believer is always revealing and renewing.
5. In Romans 8 v 17 we are called to acknowledge a fact of our new creation lifestyle as children of God and therefore heirs of the promises of God.
6. The reference here is from 1 Peter 1 v 13 where we are called to prepare our minds for action, the action of receiving the revelations of Jesus Christ. The revelations of Jesus Christ are not the same as John the Beloved, but are unique to each believer as the Lord Jesus Christ wills and forms as He sees.
7. The common misconception in the body if Christ is that it is heretical to call for God to do things greater than Jesus did. Then error here is the call. We don’t call for something we are already in possession of. The greater works spoken in John 14 v 12 are through the Holy Spirit, who is just as active now as ever before. He is not dead or gone. He is here and now, more present than we will ever fully comprehend.
8. The believer needs to be reoriented into the reality that they do not live from ‘spiritual’ season to season any longer. The cross accomplished the cataclysmic transition from peering through a glass to seeing clearly. We don’t live in and then from any reality other than what is in heaven now; fullness.
9. Only through close proximity to Jesus can the born again believer overcome the enticement of sin. In Hebrews 12 v 1-3 the body is counselled to ‘cling to Christ’ so they can live blameless in Him.
10. Colossians 3 v 2 instructs the believers to not be ‘caught’ in or up with the worlds affairs. The intentional unknowing of the worlds ways and desires is paramount for living a quiet-hearted existence. Believers who fix their eyes on things in the heavenly realm are often less susceptible to being moved by anything other than the Trinity’s intentions for their life.
11.When the Word of God speaks and uses the word ‘heart’ or ‘Kardia’ in the greek translation it is not referring to the physical heart, but to what is described as the ‘seat of existence’ where everything flows from. This transformational awareness in the believers life is what Christ was spurring us on in His call for us to be one as He and the Father are one.
12. In John 16 v 7 Jesus expresses many realities of how the Holy Spirit will nourish and empower the believer. He speaks of the Holy Spirit giving the born again believer the ability to have direct and divine insights from the Trinity to themselves.
13. In relation to Matthew 6 v 5-6 where Jesus is teaching his disciples about prayer and gives them divine guidance
14. The Apostle Paul calls the believer a shining star in this generation, that in Christ the magnificent light of the world would illuminate through each son and daughter, displaying His goodness everywhere. The reference is found in Philippians 2 v15. 2023 will see a degrading of the worlds systems and an ever-increasing glory to the born again believer.
15. In Jeremiah 8v 21-22 the balm of Gilead is the property of the healing workers who made such a strong balm that it cleansed and healed, the born again believer in Christ is a worker of miracles and a purveyor of healing through the power of the greatest ever balm – the blood of Jesus.
16. In relation to the prophetic promise that was communicated through Adam Wilkes to the body of Sanctuary Blue Mountains.
17. In relation to 1 Peter 5 v 8 and Mark 13 v 33 where the believer is called to be on guard, be sober of mind and be alert for the place of prayer to be quickened and preeminent.
18. In Romans 14 v 17 the writer is calling the believer to understands what is the kingdom of God. The use of three interlinked notions is given in peace, joy and righteousness – three gifts and impartations that Jesus himself gave and gives as gifts to His sons and daughters. n relation to the prophetic encouragement that was communicated through Michael and Esther Cowley to the body of Sanctuary Blue Mountains.
19. Christ taught in Matthew 25 v 6-8 that the believer needs to be aware of how their bride-groom reality is being given unto them through a revelation of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit
20. In relation to the prophetic encouragement that was communicated through Kat Hosking to the body of Sanctuary Blue Mountains.
21.In relation to the prophetic encouragement that was communicated through Kat Hosking to the body of Sanctuary Blue Mountains.
22. In relation to the prophetic promise that was communicated through Heather Grima to the body of Sanctuary Blue Mountains, its affiliate churches and to the wider body of Christ.
23. In relation to the prophetic encouragement that was communicated through Heather Grima to the body of Sanctuary Blue Mountains.
24. In Hebrews 12 v 22 it speaks of the place of heavenly living here on earth, Mt Zion the heavenly Jerusalem. We have come and inhabit this place as each born again believer does through our adoption as sons and daughters of the Most High God.
25. In Matthew 28 v 18-20 the great commission calls form all to be participants and not just supporters. The unique, free-flowing kingdom of Almighty Yahweh God has a defined place for each one to reside in and therefore a wonderful story written on the heart from God. The great commission is always a co-mission with Christ.
26. In Luke 9 v5, Acts 13 v 51 and Acts 18 v 6 it refers to the dusting off that happens as a sign to the place and people that the refusal to take up the cross and follow Him is for Him to walk each one through and not the role of man to bring man to God.
27. In relation to the prophetic encouragement that was communicated through Bek Small to the body of Sanctuary Blue Mountains.
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29. In relation to the word to the Prophet Jeremiah about asking God as you stand at the crossroads to clearly and definitively show the way of the ancient road. That we as a people would be immersed with originality in our faith and our practice of being followers of Jesus.
30. In relation to the prophetic promise that was communicated through Tanya Allan to the body of Sanctuary Blue Mountains, its affiliate churches and to the wider body of Christ.