Prophetic Word – Adam Osborne – Feb 2021

The Well Prophetic Word Feb 2021

Higher Places – A prophetic word that gives direction for 2021 – Adam Osborne

Flowing from our Hiddeness in Christ

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To the saints of Sanctuary firstly and to the lovers of Jesus in all the regions, grace andpeace and unity in the Holy Spirit be upon you all.

We are ALL inheriting ‘a clear vision of the nature of all things’ where we continue to be empowered, nourished and nurtured to move from opaqueness to transparent in our view.

Our vision is being refined, like the gold and salve in the early church [1] , moving us purposely, passionately and intentionally further into the land of renewal.

Our metric or measurement or indicator of depth continues not to come through a view of world events or what is happening in another place, but we with unveiled faces [2] peer into the localised places He has positioned us, fixing our eyes on heavenly patterns [3], accepting with full assurance that He is good [4], His path for each of us [5] and all of us is perfect and that we have come to the mystery union of what Hebrews 12 calls a ‘a kingdom that cannot be shaken’ [6].

A divine invitation has been extended to us all in grace, one that has been extended throughout the ages, an invitation to the simplicity of living and loving from union [7] with Christ. This ancient Christian reality should be the very aroma [8] that permeates all around us, from within us.

The embrace of Abba Father’s arms and heartbeat is like the drum-beat of our lives, calling us continually to full rest [9], full peace and full assurance of our image in Him [10] and then because of Him, as His image bearers [11] where He has positioned each of us. Jesus promised us that we would have trouble in the world [12], but He equally promised us that He would not only be with us [13], but in us and move through us and take us continually into the same love-soaked relationship He has had with our Father in Heaven [14].

We are continuing to move from an opaque vision of all things, that is we are being transformed [15] to no longer see things from a clouded, partial, inhibited view point, a mindset that is fixed and closed but susceptible to weakness and error, a lack of spiritual perception, conceited and full of pride. Sadly the body of Christ locally, regionally, nationally and internationally is currently in a crisis of opaque-living.

We are continuing to move away from a blinded mentality, a smoke filled reality, a darkened state of sight, a poor understanding, a mist like place where it is easy for sheep to become lost and entangled [16], a foolish position and opinionated place, a place that at best only smoulders [17]. We are moving continually away from that reckless and blind place, sadly the world lives in, as does so much of the body of Christ.

We are continuing to be planted in the rich, nourishing soil of ‘a crystal clear view’ [18] of the very nature of all things. A ‘a theoria physike’, the pure and new Jerusalem [19] perspective that was enacted for by Christ Jesus past the cross into the kingdom age. We are continuing to live by faith in the eternal perspective on all things. We are learning through union alone, to be fully assured of our Abba Father’s [20] heart for us. To see life and the fullness thereof is to see the transparent kingdom perspective; that is to be able to see that which is not visible and that which has not yet appeared, but is coming and is supposed to be. It is to peer into the Trinity and see all things from their perspective. We are inheriting through intimacy the capacity to carry the rain like weight a cloud has, that which releases substance that nourishes, producing life and fruit.

The Holy Spirit is the One who teaches us how to live this way, growing in union intimacy into the very nature and likeness of Him who was [21], is and is to come. The Holy Spirit will show us how to move continuously from an opaque view to transparent, crystal clear vision in three central, interwoven and transforming [22] relationships;

Our relationship with nature; creation, cosmos and origin
Our relationship with time; facets, redemption, rulership
Our relationships with people; wholeness, union, renewal

In the circle swirl of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit we are learning and experiencing that which the word of God says is ‘what eyes has not seen, what ear has not heard and the heart has not yet experienced’ [24] This reality is going to be the safe place where the ‘kingdom canopy’ [25] protects and secures us from the wind of the world.

Having a transparent, crystal clear vision of nature means we are all enabled by Christ to see things as He intended them to be seen. We get a natural view, a pure perspective. We experience the Messiah’s perspective, the original way we were made to see, a view and sight from wholeness. A view without any disturbance or any form of decay. Enabled to see as He divinely orchestrated things to be really seen. We see as the ‘gardener-kings’ He has formed us to be.

We become rulers over time, as we come into true rest and therefore true peace, our pace shifts into full alignment with Him and we are more productive because of our union, not our systematic approach to life. Time doesn’t rule over us, time is a gift for us to rule over as sons and daughters of Yahweh God. Our efficiency and ability to get things done is gloriously empowered as we first find the pace He has called us to live in [26].

We see time then not as a set amount to get stuff done but opportunities to see redemption and restoration, healing and breakthrough to be actualised and realised. We learn to lean on the beloved Jesus and in doing so learn how to be exact, opportunistic and thoughtful with the time we have each day and night [27].

We learn to be in complete synchronisation with the Holy Spirit and learn how He wants us to use our time. This doesn’t discount our varying tasks of each day, it empowers all of life to be renewed because we are learning to live in His pace.

Our discernment and grace gifting is empowered as we learn to rule with Him, as we learn to not be bound by time constraint, but be released from the pressure of the clock. Our relationships with people are being renewed because of our new vision to be able to see clearly the nature of all things. We are being granted access to see people from the Messiah’s wholeness perspective, seeing relationships as not a commodity to broker an outcome or intention but as an opportunity to see His kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We shift our focus from relationships being give and take, receiving and obtaining to seeing relationships as opportunities for formation, growth and communion (common-union).

These three continual transparent, transforming relationships are always flowing together like three currents in the same river, running singularly forming a oneness expression as they flow, always effecting each other in the glorious mystery that we have access to because of His origin and nature. This year will further enable us all to see a removal of the trends of the world in our midst. We need to firstly see and do from His perspective.

If we truly are people of the Holy Spirit, truly the washed people, we will be clear in our sight, clear in our peering, clear in our seeing the present and clear in our prophetic foresight of the future. Our sight, our seeing as people of transparent, crystal clear, light bearing vision, will fill our lives, our families, our spaces and places with His kingdom.

We long Yahweh to see the advancing of Your kingdom so that the kingdoms of thisworld become the kingdoms of our God and of His Christ.

Love and peace brothers and sisters,

~ Adam

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