Kingdom Shepherds. 13th August 2019

Well Kingdom Shepherds

One of the reclamations coming forth in this hour from the kingdom revelation is true shepherds. It’s actually the reinstating of biblical pastorates and therefore re-emerging of the shepherds (pastors). We need to see this office established back into its rightful place in the body of Christ and therefore the church.

It is past the time needed to move on from a one-fold church where the ‘pastor’ is dominant in their role and see the shepherd ministry reclaimed for what it is; a ministry of standing between sheep and wolves, a ministry of true biblical paradigms of humility and love, a ministry that is PART of the true leadership that in not only needed in this hour but without it the church at large will continue to limp, when it is called to run.

Around the globe right now and from the early church, the Holy Spirit has been calling His church to be multi-faceted and led by men and women who are in complete unity, making room for each others errors in the bond of peace. It is exciting to see Kingdom Shepherds arising from places of purity, prayer and righteousness in Christ Jesus. The hour is upon us. (Ephesians 4)