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A 40 Day Fast

In One Accord

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On the 19th of March around midnight, the word of the Lord came to Cath as she sought the Lord in prayer regarding a permanent building, land or establishment for our church community. The Lord spoke specifically ‘Call a forty day fast, to the whole church body’…. This word was held in prayer for a few weeks and confirmed several times in the eldership team. The Lord is calling us to come together in ONE ACCORD in an intentional ONENESS as a we pursue the heart of the Father for the future of Sanctuary. This fast has the opportunity to bring tremendous personal and corporate breakthrough and we are believing the Spirit will lead us and guide us into the next phase of our community establishing long term roots in this Blue Mountain soil.

We are inviting our whole community to be apart of this fast. Feel free to participate as you are led to. It is not compulsory for anyone but we encourage everyone to prayerfully consider joining us in this at whatever capacity you can and are called to. Our hearts (not physical ) get tender as we forgo the things we usually do, for some that will be food or types of food, for others it may be technology or such a thing that you can go without. We encourage each individual to be wise and seek the Lord. We recommend that this fast for food or food types be for adults only. Children under the age of 18 and those members in the community with health issues are asked to fast another way during this ‘set aside’ period of forty days. Each person is encouraged to be accountable in this time to help them journey through, especially as we walk together ‘instep’ with the Holy Spirit.

Attached you will find a guide for each week of the fast with a focus and scriptures to help you each day as ‘we link arms’ in this Holy time. Fasting isn’t a shortcut to breakthrough or a quick fix for lack of spiritual fervour, it is a personal and corporate journey into relationship with the Lord. The intentional giving up during this time is a response to His love and the rulership we want Him to have over every aspect of our lives. We hope and pray that this time will be greatly beneficial to you as a son or daughter of God and that this would bring forth even ‘deeper unity in our community through the opportunity to further embrace the eternal security’ we have in the Father, the Son and the Spirit.