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Remaining – John 15: 1-17

Remaining - John 15: 1-17

Jesus is constantly reminding you to believe that you are already clean because of the Word He has spoken over you. This week we begin a place of special significance in the Holy Scriptures in John 15. You can prep in verses 1 -17, where we will spend this Sunday unpacking the realities of ‘remaining: abiding in the thoughts of the Father’.

This special time together will lead us a little further down the path in the phenomenal reality of being a branch that has been meaningfully put out to grow by the Father, the Son and the Spirit.

Jesus didn’t need accolades or affirmations from the earthly realm because He had, Has , and was an archetype of the heaven reality being the place where we as believers are called, created and hand crafted to live from. It’s difficult to remain in Him, it requires such an unraveling, yet it is not impossible. You can be set apart unto the Lamb!

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