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The tangible love of God and His presence is what people say they experience at a Sanctuary Sunday. Our intention is that we meet for Jesus. We have times of extravagant and spontaneous worship and singing, where we posture our hearts to truly worship Him, in spirit and in truth. A time to not experience just a physical church, but to be immersed in a kingdom family!

Together we delve deep into times of teaching on the kingdom and how we as a kingdom family can live this out daily. We believe that both men and women can empower the body of Christ through singing, teaching, prayer and ministry gifts. We have the sacrament of communion, enjoy fellowship and food and develop kingdom relationships that enrich and empower each person.

Children are nurtured in a safe and secure environment where they sing, learn, play and experience Jesus and are encouraged by trained kids ministry leaders, who have decades of biblical training and spirit led experience.

We have been experiencing renewal and a genuine move of the Holy Spirit for years now, steeped in deepening devotion to Jesus. We believe that the mighty wind of God can change any circumstance and one encounter with Jesus can and will transform any life.