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Sanctuary Dance

Dance Group & Worship

Gods’ original intention for dance is to communicate and express our worship to Him through the language of movement. Sanctuary Dance is a Christian dance ministry that provides the opportunity for individuals to explore God’s original intention of embodied worship. We teach dance that is honouring to God and our own bodies through clean music, modest costumes and respectful movements.

Sanctuary Dance aims to enable transformation by providing a safe space where students can honour God and respect their own bodies through dance. Our hope is they will experience peace, joy and freedom in movement. Thank you for giving your child the opportunity to experience dance in a Christian environment.

Please download the enrolment form below. Pre-existing students do not need to fill out another enrolment form but must let teachers know that students will be attending classes. Please return completed enrolment form to – before the first class, along with your proof of payment.

Enrolment Form

Worship Moves Workshop

Sanctuary Dance Details

Schedule of Classes
Classes are held at the Springwood Boys and Girls Club upper room hall in Valley Heights. Class times change from term to term. Students generally are entered into classes that are suited to their age. This will be up to the teachers discretion. We are not a dance school that is concerned with having perfect dance technicians, but a heart to move for God. Please be aware that spaces are limited for each class so that students can have the best possibilities to learn.

Worship Moves Classes 2024.
2:30pm – 3.15pm Boys Only
3:15pm – 3.45pm Preschool (age 3-5 yrs)
3:45pm – 4:30pm Infants (K-2)
4:30pm – 5:15pm Primary (Year 3-4)
5:15pm – 6:00pm Primary (Year 5-6)

Dates 2024 – 6 Weeks of Classes per term
Term 1: Feb 21st – March 27th
Term 2: May 15th – June 19th
Term 3: July 24th – August 28th
Term 4: November 6th – December 11th

Schedule of Fees
Fees need to be paid upfront at the beginning of term BEFORE classes commence. Missed classes are not refundable. Students may have extra fees for performances (costume hire, etc)

$80 per term – Preschool class and Boys class
$90 per term – All other classes

Methods of Payment
Cash or Direct Transfer – Please reference the SURNAME OF STUDENT

Bank Details
Name: Christie Manuel
BSB: 702143
ACC: 170028281
Please send a photo or transfer of reciept to or to Christie: 0414 879 798

Class Preparation
Please ensure that your child has a drink, something light to eat and goes to the toilet before coming to class. This will allow the class to run smoothly and improve the student’s learning ability. Students will also need to bring a bottle of water to drink throughout the class.

Class Environment
Classes will be run in a Christian environment. In trying to create a safe environment where children can express themselves, it would be appreciated if parents did not observe their child dancing during the class. This will help other children being inhibited from dancing. If your child is anxious then it is fine for you to join in or sit in the class, but please don’t talk to other parents as this is a distraction to the teachers and the students.

Child Protection
For children to creatively express themselves, the people surrounding them need to have safe boundaries. We will make every endeavour to ensure the safety and protection of your child. As dance is learnt by developing stylised movement patterns, some redirection of their bodies may be required by the instructor. Photos or videos materials are not permitted to be taken of any class or concert under the Child Protection Laws. All dance teachers are required to a WWCC and complete the Safe Spaces Baptist Church Course.

As all of Sanctuary Blue Mountains Church communicates through Telegram Messenger, Sanctuary dance will be doing so as well. Please download the free app and search for ‘Sanctuary Dance.’

Sanctuary Dance Uniforms

Girls Uniform
Girls uniform is aqua leotard, black 3/4 leggings/bike pants and an aqua skirt. Girls can wear a Sanctuary dance T-shirt over the top of their leotard.

Sanctuary Dance Girls Uniform

Energetiks Charlotte Leotard code SKU:CL04 colour Turquoise


Any aqua skirt will be suitable. Suggestions include the following:

  • Energetiks Melody Skirt code SKU:CS01 colour Turquoise (order a larger size than recommended)
  • Aqua tutu skirts fro Ron’s Home Depot in Penrith

Boys Uniform
Boys uniform will be Sanctuary Dance T-shirt and black easy moving pant or shorts

Other Uniform Details

  • We are to be ordering t-shirts for boys and girls. Please let us know what size youu would like. Estimated cost will be $25.
  • Uniform is flexible as we understand children may have sensory issues. Please make sure tummies are covered, hair is tied back and there is no jewellery for safety reasons.
  • There is no need for dance shoes at the moment as the floor is too slippery!