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MakeMassive is positive, accessible, space orbiting and unlocking creativity. Come to explore, engage, equip, support and inspire others – inward, outward and forward – with whatever projects, media, movements or endeavours enter the realm of your attention.

There are so many aspects to creativity (that’s the massive) – it helps us to connect, both with ourselves and others; it can be therapeutic – allow us to ground ourselves, relieve stress, and help us to expand our thinking and feeling, or move with them more freely.

Creative play is a fun and a essential human activity, that engages the spirit, and many adults have long forgotten they joy of it. MakeMassive meets every first Tuesday of the month – and you are very welcome – whether you’re a seasoned creative professional or a complete beginner.

This expression is led by David Shooter who has a life passion to help people unlock and rediscover the creative nature of God. David is a true spiritual translator who loves seeing people free to express Christ!