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Sanctuary Expression Kingdom Conversations

Kingdom Conversations

Equipping Sons and Daughters.

Before Jesus ascended to the right hand of the Father, He was with His disciples for a period of forty days teaching them about the kingdom of God. Our school of ministry comes from a place of deeply grounded theology and experience in christian ministry. This school functions as a place where people can be equipped up into maturity as Paul proclaims in Ephesians 4.

It is not a place of conflicting ideas or a certain message, but rather a place where no matter how long you have been walking with Jesus, you can be encouraged and positioned for transformation in Jesus Christ. We are taught by men and women who has vast experience in the kingdom of God.

Our ministry school has two main expressions: Foundations of the kingdom which is a monthly gathering for men and women of all ages and backgrounds to learn the principles of Yahweh’s kingdom and how to apply them into life. The second expression is our Sanctuary bible college in partnership with Alpha-Crucis College. This gives everyone in our kingdom family the opportunity to grow in Christ through registered and accredited courses from Cert IV through to masters programs in the fields of: ministry, leadership, theology and more.