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Fire in the Night

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On the 14th of February 2020, we launched a new expression: Friday Praise – Fire in the Night. The vision for this service has always been about our posture to ‘move the heart of God’. We saw a new sound, a new song echoing and resounding throughout the hills and valleys that make up the beautiful Blue Mountains. We wholeheartdly believe that worship led by the Spirit of God changes atmospheres and witnesses to the very heart of God and His people. We also contend for the unbelievers in this region and release prayers of salvation through worship. This worship space has been a time to join together in unity and one accord, a holy hunger amongst Gods sons and daughters to experience the presence of Yahweh through spontaneous worship, writing, dance and movement, drawing, art and prayer.

From 7:30pm – 9:30pm we spend time worshipping Jesus through these different expressions. Our intention is to give glory, honour and praise to Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, and to worship Yahweh as the Extravagant One we so humbly serve and live for. Prayer ministry is always available during these times. We seek to be led by the Spirit of God and allow Him to lead us in all we do.