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Living to Move the Heart of God


In March 2014 a diverse group of men, women and families gathered around Jesus in a living room in the Blue Mountains with a longing to pursue the heart of God.

The pursuit of all He is, has not only been our foundation, but is our everything. This kingdom family has emerged from all walks of life and has found true freedom, purpose and life in Jesus Christ.

We live in a consistent move and flow of the Holy Spirit at the core of our lives and gatherings. With our lives based on spiritual formation in His word, prayer, power of the the Holy Spirit and the love of Yahweh, we intentionally live out the gospel of the kingdom naturally.


Everyone is valued by Jesus.

Children are found in a safe and secure environment, women are empowered to be all they are called to be, men are nourished to be true shepherds and fathers. We come from different Christian expressions and many from no faith background at all. We are not in a rush, we believe in generational legacy.

We love God’s presence that transforms us!



Strong foundations in Christ, forge strong expressions of God on earth.

We recognise everyone’s uniqueness in Christ. We believe in authentically following Jesus by establishing Kingdom Families (communities of Christians) that walk in the renewal of the original faith and the rejuvenation of hearts, homes and regions.


Our greatest pleasure is being hidden in Christ Jesus.

Our pursuit is to help people discover and build strong foundations, deepen devotional life and learn to live and love as sons and daughters of God.

We are a multi-generational, multi-cultural and passionate kingdom family, pursuing the heart of God. 

Strong foundations in Christ forge
strong expressions of God on Earth